The coolest ways to store/display your sneaker collection?

Just got a new pair of classy sneakers, which you are super excited about? Well, we know the feeling! A pair of new sneakers can for sure brighten up your day. Now, the thing is, the addition of the new sneakers, means that your sneaker collection continues to grow, and with that, comes the issue of storage. See, the manner in which you store your sneakers will determine how long they will last. And if you are here, it means that you want to preserve your investment for long. Having said that, are you wondering how to store your sneakers in a visually appealing way without ruining their quality and useful life? No worries! Here are some of the coolest ways to store/display your sneakers.

On shelves – your sneakers are your personal investment, so, why hide them in the closets when you can display them on shelves to show them off? They will be visible to anyone who comes into the room. Now, when arranging the sneakers on the shelves, keep the styles consistent on each shelf, and also ensure that you leave spaces in between them so that they don’t look cluttered.

Climb on – rather than your sneakers laying everywhere in the house, the climb-on display design is not only visually appealing, but it looks much more organized. You can also establish this stand near the front door, where your guests can be keeping their shoes whenever they come into your house. Cool, right? Well, it can’t get any cooler. Now, when creating this type of storage, use a wooden ladder. 

Inside the boxes – on the other hand, if you don’t want to display your sneakers, you can choose to store them inside boxes, which will result in a more organized closet and also guarantees that they remain in a pristine condition. Now, since they are in a box, how will you be able to identify the pair you want to rock in? Well, easy! Just take a picture of each pair before putting them into a box, and then stick the pictures in front of the respective boxes.

Outside the boxes – here, you have to bring out the resourcefulness and creativity in you. Look for extra plywood or any other recyclable materials that are strong enough to hold multiple pairs of shoes, and make them into open box shelves. If you love doing DIY stuff, you will really enjoy this. In fact, anyone can do this without any hassle by themselves. You can use different boxes painted with different colors of choice in order to achieve a dimensional effect and also make them appealing.

Spotlight please – to add an extra class to your shelves, consider adding lighting as it will showcase the amazing work of art in them. Just imagine some of the hottest sneakers on the market stored in a place with a warm white light color or a bright white on them. I mean, it will showcase nothing short of a luxurious ambiance display – that, we can assure you.   

On an island – do you have a massive sneaker collection that doesn’t even fit into your closet? Why not think of maximizing the space by creating some sort of an ‘island’ in the middle of the room? This will not only make the room look desirable, but the island will be easily accessible and easy to reach, making it the perfect place to keep your everyday footwear.

Transparency – if you are looking for a high-class boutique for your closet, store your sneakers behind a glass material. It will not only look classy, but your amazing collection will remain visible, creating a high-end appeal through the glass barrier.

Conceptual – this kind of storage requires you to unleash your creative side, where you come up with an abstract idea and then transform it into a unique design. When conceptualizing, you can think and do anything, but of course, keeping in mind a few considerations to avoid getting overwhelmed. For instance, you can think of using shoes and stairs as storage design given that we use our feet to take a step, and you can also think of angled shelves, which will give you a falling-apart impression.

Circles – this design looks like a hive, and it’s an amazing way to organize your family’s shoe collection. The circles are made from lightweight PVC pipes and they allow you to keep your sneakers in shape, and you will be able to locate the sneakers easily.

Where should you store your sneakers?

Having looked at the various designs to store or display your sneakers, it’s about time we take a look at the specific place to store your collection. See, even with the above storage ideas, you can’t just design them in any location. We mean, it is always recommended that you choose a cool and dry environment, which means if you are planning to store them in the attic, basement, or garage, you may want to reconsider. If there is a room you are not using, and most preferably one with air conditioning, it would be the best location to design your sneaker storage.

But given that not so many people have this kind of luxury, you can always rent a storage unit to keep your amazing sneakers. These units are mostly climate-controlled, where the temperature is regulated all year-round, which means that your sneakers will be safe from the summer heatwave that tends to ruin shoes. What’s more, renting a storage unit will certainly free a lot of space in your home – space that you can use for something else. If you have limited space, this should interest you, a lot! And yes, the storage facility might cost you every month, but the truth is, considering the unfavorable conditions could do to your amazing sneakers – you know, turning the soles into a crumbled mess – the investment is completely worth it. So, are you willing to do anything for your sneaker collection? If so, then these tips should be of much help to you.