What everyone has to say about the Sneakerhead Coffee Table.


You may be asking yourself, "What on earth does a coffee table have to do with a Sneakerhead?" Yes, I think the majority of households have a coffee table. However, this isn't your average coffee table; you won't find it in your neighbourhood furniture shop or on Wayfair. Giant Shoebox Coffee Table, that's what we're talking about. Unexpectedly, Sneakerhead Shoebox's stylish bespoke coffee table designs are undoubtedly familiar to many of you. Sneakerhead Shoebox's artists are most well-known for their work on Giant Shoeboxes! This firm is the one responsible for the vast majority of the boxes you've seen floating around the internet or on social media in recent years.


It makes sense if you've been to the Sneakerhead Coffee Table Design and seen the enormous shoe boxes. That's innovative, to put it mildly. In another way, it's like when a vehicle maker decides to remove the top of a car and rename it a convertible in the early days of automobile manufacturing.


The standard top has been removed from the Giant Shoebox Sneaker Storage and has been replaced with a glass tabletop, vila! You now own a Sneaker Coffee Table, albeit I'm sure it resulted from a lot more creative thinking. Brandon Destouet, the man behind the Sneakerhead Coffee Table, shared his thoughts with us.


For a client, I was once creating a massive shoebox. At the last minute, the buyer requested a significantly more giant shoebox than we usually provide. However, I've already begun construction on his shoebox. Even yet, I was motivated by a desire to satisfy the client. Consequently, I agreed to construct the shoebox by the newly desired measurement range; As a result, here I am, having finished a fraction of the shoebox's original size. I vowed to myself that I would not throw away the effort and resources I'd put into it, and then the inspiration struck. What if I use a panel to surround the shoebox's open end, forming a rectangular box in the process? After that, I'd add graphics to the inside walls and the floor. If I were to paint it, I'd go with a popular shoebox design, complete with a shoe tag attached to the side. Then, instead of the standard large shoebox top, I installed a massive custom-cut glass tabletop atop the giant shoebox's body. The logo for the interior design would be placed in the centre of the glass.


By the time I completed building the table, the design had looked even better than I had hoped. Though I didn't have a buyer at the time, I was confident enough in the table's potential that I opted to keep it in my gaming room. After I finished the prototype, I decided to decorate it with images of basketball's most outstanding player, Michael Jordan. To document the new table design, I snapped a few shots. As a one-of-a-kind collectable, I put it up for grabs on the Sneakerhead Shoebox online store. People, especially my comrades in the Sneakerhead community, quickly took notice. Sneakerheads are my favourite group of people, which means I adore myself! However, the Sneakerhead Community detected the presence of blood in the water, and my sales of Sneakerhead Coffee Tables increased rapidly. The tables may be configured in any way you choose. Some sneakerheads will even put some of their most prized kicks inside a glass table so that you can view them up and personal through the top glass into the table's base.