Our shoe box storage units are shipped on a pallet, strapped and wrapped using particle board or plywood, cord-strapped banding, heavy cardboard and plastic wrap.  Packaging is included in your price. We carry considerable discounted freight rates to most areas of the United States for both LTL and full truck shipments. For US territories outside of the continental US, such as Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, etc. please contact us, as we cannot provide free shipping to these areas because of the high freight cost.  Shipping to these areas tend to be much higher than shipping within the continental US. Freight rates depend on many variables and are subject to change beyond our control. 


(Does not apply to items listed as FREE SHIPPING unless outside of Continental US)

We are located in Houston, Texas, so if you are in our area feel free to do a local pickup as well (discounts may apply).



For door to door delivery orders, you must set an appointment for delivery within a certain time frame, typically within a week, after your box arrives in your city. If your box is stored at the carrier’s terminal for an extended time period, without you scheduling a time for delivery or if the freight company is not able to get in touch with you, the freight company may charge storage fees. We will not allow storage fees to be authorized on our account unless paid in advance by the customer.  In cases where freight carrier cannot get in touch with you to schedule an appointment, we would give freight company permission to deliver your box to your requested destination. Your box will be left in the most secure spot available, on-site of delivery location, in order for each party to avoid paying storage fees.

We highly recommend that you inspect, very carefully, all goods received before the delivery driver leaves the premises.  There may be concealed damages, and if the driver is present upon the discovery of the damage, your claim will be a stronger one.

If you believe that your shipment sustained freight damage:

  1.  Note Obvious damage at the time of delivery - be specific - taking pictures is good practice.
  2. Contact the transport company immediately
  3. Hold all damaged goods and packaging for inspection
  4. If damage is concealed and not obvious at the time of delivery, the same procedures should be followed as soon as it is discovered.
  5. Notify Sneakerhead Shoebox as soon as possible - we may be able to assist you in your claim process.

Responsibility of Payment after your freight claim:

Please note that it is still your responsibility to pay for freight and our invoice in full.  Repairs will be reimbursed by freight company.

If you would like to purchase insurance on any freight please contact us for more information and pricing.  Although 98% of our freight is shipped without being damaged in transit, in rare cases, it is possible that damage could occur by a carrier.  In rare cases like this, WE ARE NOT financially responsible, however, we will assist with filing a damage claim in the event damage occurs if needed (see damage claim section above).  It is up to the carrier to remedy damage claims. Any item that leaves our warehouse is thoroughly inspected, we will not send out damaged items. 

Change of Address

Please note, the original shipping address provided on the shoebox order or the agreed upon change of address communicated to us and acknowledged by us, prior to your shoebox shipping out, cannot be changed, unless a change of address fee is paid.  Change of address fee is $75.00. This fee is required by the freight carrier, as they will charge a fee in the event a change of address is needed while freight is already in transit. Please be aware that Sneakerhead Shoebox is not responsible for any change of address fee’s and the fee must be paid by the customer who placed shoebox order.



 We can ship globally, but prices will vary and can be quite costly in comparison to domestic freight. Most international shipments will go by sea and can take 30-40 days to reach destination port, in some cases (If you would like to receive your box faster, air freight is available). This is in addition to the time it will take to build your box. You have several options with international shipping, either door to door, or door to port. If you decide to ship door to port, you may be subject to customs fees and taxes depending on the country. On all door to door international shipments, generally, you will not have to pay separate international customs fees.  However, most countries do require duties and taxes to be paid, this varies depending on the country. We cannot assume any financial responsibility for international customs, taxes, duties, storage etc. The customer is responsible for any and all charges occurred during international shipping.