A Giant Shoe Box Storage is one of the coolest ways to store your Shoes!!!

If you’re a sneakerhead like me, then most likely you have friends who are also sneakerheads.  You may remember the old adage, “birds of a feather flock together.”   My sneakerhead flock of buddies and I are always competing with one another with our shoe collection.  Like who had the coolest collection, trying to be the first to cop an exclusive pair of sneakers.  Or I’ll see one of their social media post, where they just added another pair of cool kicks to the wardrobe with the ever so popular hashtag #shoegame.  You know, it’s the whole “I got one up on you” thing.  Someone who’s really involved in the sneaker community can probably relate to this. 
A good example would be how guys are with their favorite football teams.  There’s really no point in us being crazy and fanatic about our favorite teams other than bragging rights and the camaraderie that goes with knowing the stats and history of everyone on that team.  These giant shoe box storage's are kind of like that to a sneakerhead.  But, it goes a step further, because they not only exhibit a level of coolness, bragging rights and adds more points to your status as a sneakerhead, but they serve a practical purpose.  You can actually store your shoes inside of it. 
Giant Shoe Box Storage
My first encounter with one of these giant shoe box storage’s is on Instagram.  At first glance, it seemed like a regular shoebox, so I didn’t  put much thought into it, until I watched it in a video and seen someone open the top and there were a crap load of shoes inside.  It is designed in a way that the drawer could be pulled out, right underneath the shelf and more shoes could be stored there. 
I’ve seen pictures of some really creative shoe closets, like the infamous DJ Khaled’s, but not everyone can afford that level of luxury.  To have a cool shoe storage on that level could be very expensive, but most of us could probably afford one of these giant shoe boxes at a reasonable price when compared to an entire shoe closet remodel.  Even if you already have a decked out shoe closet, imagine having an Air Jordan Giant Shoe Box Storage Box, that would definitely be the icing on the cake.   
The next time I saw this Giant Jordan Shoe Box Storage on Instagram, the feeling was like, “if I had one of those, not only could my shoes be stored in style, but none of my friends would have one.”  At least not yet! The unfortunate thing is that the guy on Instagram who was making these amazing boxes lived in the UK and didn’t ship international.  I didn’t stop there; I kept searching until I found a giant shoe box for sale.  I made an order to have mine custom built and the rest is history.    
When I received my shoebox I felt amazed, plus I customized it to be decked out, complete with wheels, glass shelf, LED lights, custom shoe tag, and my name inside.  I immediately wheeled it into my closet where my shoe collection lived, and took out 16 pair of my favorite kicks and filled my giant shoebox.  16 pair of shoes is a nice fit, but if you’re a crazy sneaker fanatic like I am, you probably have over 100 pairs of shoes and 16 doesn’t even put a dent in the number of shoes you would need to store. 
For those that have up to 100 pairs, you may need to buy 2 0r 3 giant shoe box storage’s, but just to have one is pretty awesome.  This box is so huge that you could also use it as a bench and have it customize by putting a mirror inside the lid of the box.  The choice is really yours!  What I enjoyed most about ordering my shoebox was being able to design my own exactly how I wanted it. 
If you’re a true sneakerhead or just someone that likes to stand out from the crowd and get a few more cool points as a sneakerhead, then you should purchase your giant shoe box storage today