Buyers please be aware of fraudulent websites who claim to sell giant shoe boxes at ridiculously low prices.  These websites have been using some our pictures and videos from our website, and social media accounts to try and scam customers into buying giant shoeboxes.  This was brought to our attention recently when a few customers, who were scammed by these sites, contacted us and informed us of the incidents.  When ordering a shoebox from us, please be sure  the URL says or email us at if you have doubts.  Below are known scammer websites who claim to sell our giant shoeboxes:

Other known names used by fraudulent Giant Sneakerbox Sites

If you are aware of any other sites with our shoe box pictures or who claim to be affiliated with us, please report it to us via email so that we may keep our buyers informed and take appropriate actions.  If you have made purchases from any of the listed scammer sites, please contact your financial institution immediately.

Please note that we did not give these websites permission to use our pictures or videos, nor are we affiliated with these scammer sites in any way.  We have been in business for 9 + years and have continued to work hard to improve our product. Any website claiming to build a giant shoebox for $50 - $100 dollar price point, may be shady and you should exercise extreme caution before making a purchase.   It costs us hundreds of dollars in materials alone to make one shoebox. Even shipping our boxes cost more than $100 because we have to ship using freight and not regular mail carriers.

We spend 40+ hours making each one of our shoeboxes, using our own methods and material preferences.  Because we have years of experience and have made hundreds of boxes for customers around the world, we have used and tried many different materials and methods of building.  Therefore, we know exactly what materials to use, from brand selection to quality and performance. What we have discovered during this process is cheaper and inferior materials will not yield the same look, quality, or functionality.  

There are other reputable buyers online who build giant shoeboxes, however, we cannot speak for their process of building or their material selection.  We stand behind our product 100% and would be happy to address any questions or concerns you may have.